Meet Reservato

#1 Sales revenue acceleration tool

Reservato is the easiest way to reach your customers in social media

It’s free to join. There are no monthly fees. Your sales increase on day one.

Reservato makes customers happy

Reservato accelerates sales revenue

Reservato keeps your business going safer

You can easily share products in social media channels like Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp and more.
Customers express interest in products by placing an order.
You receive demand information for further purchase planning.
Customers automatically receive notifications to their email. Useful for business customers.
We provide an environment to manage orders online.
It has never been easier to promote products in social media, keep track of purchases and collect payments.

How it works?

You receive orders that customer is ready to pay for:

  1. The customer receives a notification and sees the status of the order;
  2. You are notified of a new order. You inform if the order is ready for pickup;

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