Meet Reservato

in a Place to Grow, no need to be BIG to make an IMPACT

RESERVATO is the SMART way to reach customers in SOCIAL MEDIA

It’s free to join. There are no monthly fees. Your sales increase on day one.

Reservato makes customers happy

Reservato accelerates sales revenue

Reservato keeps your business going safer

You can easily share products / services in social media channels like Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp and more.
You receive payments directly to your bank account, instantly.
Your business gets optimized with improved demand management.
Customers automatically receive invoice to their e-mail. Useful for business customers.
We provide an environment to manage products and inventory.
It has never been easier to promote products / services in social media, keep track of purchases and collect payments.

How it works?

You receive orders that customer has paid for:

  1. Add products / services;
  2. Share with your audience;
  3. Collect paid purchase orders;
  4. The customer receives a notification of the order status;
  5. Once ready for pick-up / delivery, you confirm the purchase;

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